some thoughts on voting for the GNOME Foundation

Previous to a discussion on IRC about how to make voting for the GNOME
Foundation secure, anonymous, and much more like Australian government
elections. I did a bit of thinking, and then a bit of reading, and then
came up with this:

It's possible it has kinks in it, it's only a draft. I need to do some
more reading and some more thinking, and perhaps write some code.

The basic idea was to implement the proposal in a GNOME program with a
catchy name like Gote (GNOME Vote, pronounced Goat, think gegl). It
would simply implement this protocol, and allow Foundation members to
vote anonymously and securely.
The design I had in mind would allow us to write a module to support any
kind of ballot we could dream up. I don't want to start a flamewar over
how voting should be conducted. Ideally, the Foundation would be able to
change the ballot it uses every year just by writing a new module that
implements a certain interface.

Comment welcome.


PS. If people liked the idea, I was going to start writing it in Python,
it's the kind of language you don't make mistakes in, and I'd hate to
have mistakes in a voting system. Please don't send me "why not write it
in ..." rants, they are not constructive at this point in the design

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