Re: proposed gnome-common changes

Dan Winship wrote:

With the changes, it is possible to greatly simplify the module specific too. A typical one might look like this:
---- Cut Here ----
srcdir=`basename $0`
[ -z "$srcdir" ] && srcdir=.


We really ought to change the default REQUIRED_AUTOMAKE_VERSION. Using
1.4 for a default (and not accepting any other) is really annoying.
Well, if anyone wants the default changed, it will be necessary to go through all automake-1.4 using packages and add a REQUIRED_AUTOMAKE_VERSION line.

The default value for the environment variable was set at 1.4 so as to not break existing packages -- before hand, it wasn't possible to use a modern version of automake with the common autogen script.

I wouldn't mind getting to a stage where people didn't need to install Automake versions less than 1.7 (which is what GTK requires), but it'd take a fair bit of work to update the remaining packages.


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