Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

El jue, 13-05-2004 a las 18:17, jamie escribió:

> Thats totally different. By popping up windows at various places on a
> desktop you will be slowed down by having to move your eyes and mouse
> much further particularly if you have a large desktop.

You are not counting with the fact that your brain will AUTOMATICALLY
move your eyes without even thinking about it once you click a familiar
icon, so when the window appears, your eyes will be looking at the
subject folder.

Muscular memory, that's one reason for spatial mode.

> True but spatial is discrete and not always more intuitive . People will
> create hierarchical folders for hierarchical files E.G. they may have an
> accounts folder which contains folders for accounting years so the
> hierarchical layout makes more sense than the spatial one (I.e.
> /home/user/work/accounts/2004 has more meaning than 2004 on its own). By
> saying spatial mode makes directory hierarchy more irrelevant you also
> make it less organised and intuitive in that way.

Why?  I can drill down work/acccounts/2004 in less than a few seconds
with spatial nautilus.  I *know* what a directory hierarchy is, but the
majority of people don't. They shouldn't need to know how a camshaft
works in order to drive a car.

We're empowering people.  Simple people and advanced people.  Both of

> jamie.
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