Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

> I personally have currently 40'000 folders in the depths of my home
> directory, if the size is the same or not doesn't really matter for
> most of them, since I couldn't remember them anyway.

Ingo, you DEFINITELY are NOT the use case for a graphical file manager. 
Spatial or browser.

Good luck with the 40.000 folders, and keep in mind you're the special
"corner" case and not the common case.

> There is stuff like showing hidden files that is currently deeply
> hidden in the Preferences dialog, such stuff really must be placed in
> a easy to reach way, without a toolbar however this isn't really
> possbile.

Preferences... in the toolbar?  You aren't serious, right?

> Well, there are a lot of people out there that just doesn't like
> spatial view, if you come and tell them that its faster, yet, their
> own experince shows that it is slower, you should really take the time
> and explain why you think its faster and what fatal fault the users
> are doing that slows them down.
> As said, spatial view might be easier with a few files and reasonably
> flat directories,

again, like 80% of the cases.

>  but I don't see it being faster in any way.
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