ANNOUNCE: GNOME 2.6.1 Desktop & Developer Platform


            The GNOME 2.6.1 Desktop and Developer Platform

This point release from the stable branch of the GNOME Desktop and
Developer Platform contains a lot of bugfixes and improvements over the
previously released 2.6.0 version. Our maintainers, bugfixers,
translators and general contributors have been hard at work for the last
couple of months bringing more polish, stability and performance to your
favourite desktop environment.

Tarballs available at:

Bugreports go to:

Full changelog attached below.

Kjartan Maraas

 NEWS: atk-1.6.1

Changes in version 1.6.1
* Update to build on Cygwin, (bug #136666) [Roger Leigh]

* Add translations: Gujarati [Gujarati team], 
Basque [I\303\261aki Larra\303\261aga] Punjabi [Amanpreet Singh Alam],
Walloon [Pablo Saratxaga], Marathi [Indictrans team]

* Update translations: Norwegian Nynorsk [\303\205smund Skj\303\246veland],
Brazilian Portuguese [Raphael Higino], British [Gareth Owen],
Romanian [Mi\305\237u Moldovan], Croatian [Robert Sedak],
Catalan [Jordi Mallach], Slovak [Stanislav Visnovsky]

 NEWS: at-spi-1.4.2

What's new in at-spi-1.4.2: 

* languages: Gujarati (Guntupalli Karunakar), Canadian English
  (Alexander Winston)

* Added omitted declarations for already-existing methods

* bug fixes: 136660, 120659 (partial), 132237, 134332.


 UPDATED: audiofile-0.2.6

* Added support for AVR, IFF/8SVX, and NIST SPHERE file formats.
* Added example program demonstrating audio file playback on Mac OS X.

 NEWS: bug-buddy-2.6.1

2.6.1 ("Mi Inmortal")
  * Fixes:

	- add scroll bar to description bug text box if
        needed (bug #137540).

  * Translations:

	- Updated Russian translation (Leonid Kanter)
	- Updated Basque translation (Iñaki Larrañaga)
	- Added Icelandic translation (Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson)
	- Updated Indonesian translation (Mohammad DAMT)
	- Added Gujurati translation (Guntupalli Karunakar)
	- Updated Hungarian translation (Andras Timar)

 NEWS: control-center-2.6.1

gnome-control-center 2.6.1

Alex Larsson:
    * Fix reverting a size change.

Chris Lahey:
    * Fix ordering of themes in theme manager
    * Fix sizing of svg backgrounds

    * Toplevel window icons should use the icon themes

    * Fix uniqueness test for binding special keys with no name
    * Fix theme manager selection when not running metacity
    * Mouse buttons are not valid modifiers for keybindings
    * Force libxklavier 1.0.2 so that we can work with and xfree86
    * Match nautilus' interpretation of icons in desktop files

Padraig O'Briain:


 UPDATED: dasher-3.2.10

dasher was updated without a NEWS entry.

 UPDATED: eel-2.6.1

* Translation updates

 NEWS: eog-2.6.1

Version 2.6.1
* General:
   - Fullscreen fixes for Xinerama (#137137)
* Translation Updates:
  Abel Cheung (zh_TW), Andras Timar (hu), Christian Rose (af),
  Guntupalli Karunakar (gu), Iñaki Larrañaga (eu), Pablo Saratxaga (wa),
  Samúel Jón Gunnarsson (is)

 NEWS: epiphany-1.2.5

Epiphany 1.2.5

	* Make saving a web page not re-fetch the page (Christian) [#141652]
	* Fix crash on startup (Marco) [#141262]

	* Duarte Loreto (pt)

	* New translation of help into Basque (eu) by
	  Hizkuntza Politikarako Sailburuordetza
	* Updated screenshots in help (Piers)
	* Updated help on smart bookmarks (Piers, patch by "gatto") [#139616]

Epiphany 1.2.4

	* Fix problem with font selection in prefs dialogue (Christian)
	* Fix encoding of downloaded and saved content (Marco) [#126571, #141050]
	* Fix crash when closing a window while in print preview
	  mode (Christian) [#121298]

	* John C Barstow (mi)

Epiphany 1.2.3

Code changes
	* Cleanup chrome handling (Marco)

	* Fix bookmarks import from XBEL (Marco)
	* Set window icon on "About" dialogue (Christian)
	* Fix "Add" button appearance for some themes (Christian)
	* Fix "Go" button (Christian)
	* Fix "Open In New Tabs" from bookmarks editor (Christian) [#138343]
	* Fix context menu for anchors without href (Christian) [#138200]
	* Fix context menu for linked images (Christian) [#138200]
	* Fix startup script on solaris (Marco) [#138088]
	* Fix filechooser handling (Federico Mena Quintero) [#138263]
	* Fix compilation with -fdata-sections (Christian) [#136878]
	* Check for invalid font size pref (Piers)
	* Fix clear-history dialogue button size with themes (Piers)
	* Fix bookmarks toolbar visibility in fullscreen and ppview
	  mode (Christian) [#138520]
	* Fix link dragging to new notebook tabs (Christian) [#138902]
	* Sync toolbar code with galeon gtk 2.4 port; fixes crash when
	  dragging items from other applications (Crispin Flowerday)
	* Fix homepage setting to current page (Christian) [#139124]
	* Make pdm, prefs and print setup dialogue transient (Christian)
	* Sort the actions in location entry drop-down (Christian) [#139575]
	* Don't quit filechooser when choosing not to overwrite an
	  existing file (Christian) [#139400]
	* Fix filename encoding in confirm-overwrite dialogue (Christian)
	* Fix accel setting for dynamic menus (Christian) [#139641]
	* Don't gunzip downloaded files (Marco) [#131778]
	* Fix content policy contract ID (Christian)
	* Fix chrome handling for new windows from _blank target links
	  (Marco) [#139512]
	* Make message selectable in content handler dialogue (Piers)

	* Vladimir Petkov (bg)
	* Iñaki Larrañaga, Hizkuntza Politikarako Sailburuordetza (eu)
	* helgi (is)
	* Dvornik László (hu)
	* Kjartan Maraas (no)
	* Amanpreet Singh Alam (pa)
	* Дмитрий Мастрюков (ru)


 NEWS: file-roller-2.6.1

version 2.6.1
	* Fixed reading of filenames with spaces in tar archives.
	* Fixed bug #138154 (File-Roller Crash when dropping a file dragged 
          from archive).
	* Remove a file from the recent file list if the file could not be 
	* Added RPM and Suffit to the recent file list mime types.
	* Fixed popup menu sensitivity.

 NEWS: gail-1.6.3

Overview of Changes in GAIL 1.6.3
* Fix warning messages when compiling. (bug #140475 [Stanislav Brabec]

* Rework fix for evolution crasher bug. (bug #140559)

* Do not report focus state change on widget when non-widget child of
widget is reported as having focus. (bug #134003)

Overview of Changes in GAIL 1.6.2
* Ensure that accessible name is reported for file in Nautilus List View.
(bug #139391)

* Report children of scrolled window correctly when only vertical scrollbar
is visible. (bug #138734)

* Fix crasher bug in evolution when going to a specific date. (bug #140475)

* Add translations: Add M\304\201ori [John Barstow] 

Overview of Changes in GAIL 1.6.1
* Correctly report LABELLED_BY relation for combo-box when mnemonic
widget is GnomeFileEntry. (bug #137584)

* Report name correctly for GtkComboBox which has a TreeModel with more
than one column. (bug #136976)

* Do not treat a GtkHandleBox as a window (bug #138339)

* Set role for popup window to be ROLE_WINDOW instead of ROLE_FRAME.
(bug #135242)

* Separate items in keybinding by ":". (bug #138392)

* Avoid crash when getting keybinding if GtkEntry is not a mnemonic widget.
(bug #139236)
* Add translations: Punjabi [Amanpreet Singh Alam], Estonian [Pritt Laes]

* Updated translations: Traditional Chinese [Ching-Hung Lin]

 NEWS: GConf-2.6.1



 - add a --enable-gtk=yes/no/auto configure arg (Julio Merino, Mark)
 - fix basic example app to not crash (Elijah Newren)
 - don't try and create a dir if it already exists (Ryan Lovett, Mark)
 - only ever create the $(HOME)/.gconfd/ dir in the daemon (Colin Walters)
 - add quotes around AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2 (Frédéric L. W. Meunier)
 - handle <entry> with only <schema_name> correctly in --load (Mark)
 - fix the order in which local-defaults.path gets included (Mark)
 - fix minor inefficiency when not printing debugging messages (Mark)


 - Adam Weinberger (en_CA)
 - Robert Sedak (hr)
 - Samúel Jón Gunnarsson (is)
 - Alessio Frusciante (it)
 - Takeshi AIHANA (ja)
 - Amanpreet Singh Alam (pa)
 - Gurkan Aslan (tr)

 NEWS: gconf-editor-2.6.1

2.6.1: "Una Ballata del mar salato"
* Fixes:
	- Don't escape keys (Bugs #135807 and #136400)
	- Fix a crashing bug in the unref code (Bugs #124662 and #136631)
	- Fix the cell editor for float values (Bug  #137468)
	- Fix a crash when launching gconf-edito with a invalid key path (Bug
	- Allow the notebook in the key editor to fill and expand. (Fix #138557)

* Translations:
	- Added Basque translation (Iñaki Larrañaga)
	- Added Gujarati translation (Guntupalli Karunakar)

 NEWS: gdm-
======================================== stuff:

- Fix PAM braindamage in #119853 and #126984 (Frederic Crozat, me)

- Fix the flexiserver protocol (gdmflexiserver should no longer hang)

- Disable IPv6 by default, it's still kind of problematic, you have
  to explicitly enable it now with --enable-ipv6=yes

- Fix some IPv6 issues, #133246

- Fix message weirdness in the greeters, #123958 (Frederic Crozat, me)

- Set font correctly on theming, #125070 (Muktha, me)

- Translation updates (John C Barstow, Vincent van Adrighem, Christophe Merlet,
  Changwoo Ryu) stuff:

- Also ensure that /tmp/.X11-unix exists as well as /tmp/.ICE-unix, and
  do this in a way to avoid self races

- Main daemon now ignores SIGPIPE which it can get which would cause
  a crash (Jerry Wall)

- Fix a file descriptor leak when closing slaves (Jerry Wall)

- Fixed IPv6 authorization setting in .Xauthority (Vijaykumar Patwari)

- Some typos fixed

- Translation updates (Guntupalli Karunakar, Christian Rose, Gareth Owen,
  Andras Timar, Gujarati Team, Christophe Merlet, Inaki Larranaga,
  Changwoo Ryu, Samuel Jon Gunnarsson, Helgi, Pormar Porbjornsson,
  Zuza Software Foundation, Ole Laursen, Jaswinder Singh Phulewala,
  Asmund Skjaeveland, Robert Sedak, Takeshi Aihana, Mugurel Tudor,
  Misu Moldovan, Abel Cheung, Kevin Kee, Baris Cicek, Telsa Gwynne,
  Sayamindu Dasgupta, Indranil Dasgupta, Francisco Javier F. Serrador,
  Arafat Medini, Indictrans team, Leonid Kanter, Dafydd Harries,
  Alession Frusciante, Francesco Marletta)

 NEWS: gedit-2.6.1

gedit 2.6.1


- Bug #137329 (Wrong filename got after Save as) (Paolo Maggi)
- Bug #138051 (Reproducible search/replace dialog application lockup) (Paolo M.)
- Fixed some mem leaks (Paolo Borelli)
- Enabled vfs file choosing (Paolo M.)
- Bug #137805 (Text area unfocused after opening) (Paolo M.)
- Set the window type of the tag list window to UTILITY (Rob Adams)
- The indent plugin now does not indent empty lines (Paolo B.)

New and updated translations

- Adam Weinberger (en_CA)
- Aleix Badia i Bosch (ca)
- Amanpreet Singh Alam (pa)
- Christophe Merlet (RedFox) (fr)
- Gareth Owen (en_GB)
- Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson (is)
- John C Barstow (mi)
- Robert Sedak (hr)
- Laszlo Dvornik (hu)
- Pablo Saratxaga (wa)
- Zuza Software Foundation (af)


 UPDATED: ggv-2.6.1

        * src/ggv-window.c (verb_FileOpen): don't set the file chooser size.
        fixes #139518. patch by Darren Adams.
        * src/gsdefaults.c (gtk_gs_defaults_set_*): only set the new value
        if it differs from the old: should fix #139362.
        * src/ggv-window.c (open_button_pressed_cb): applied a patch by
        Kouichirou Hiratsuka, fixing a crash when event parameter is NULL.
        fixes #139408.
        * src/recent-files/egg-recent-model.c (egg_recent_model_filter): do not
        test for existence of files since this is done before setting the mime
        filter, so we can (and usually will) end up with testing a bunch of URIs,
        many of which can be remote, which causes unacceptable delays when
        starting GGV!
        * backported updated & new translations from HEAD.

 NEWS: glib-2.4.1

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.4.0 to GLib 2.4.1

* Win32 bug fixes [Tor Lillqvist, Roger Leigh, John Ehresman]
* Miscellaneous bug and portability fixes [Owen Taylor,
  Matthias Clasen, Jonas Jonsson, Christian Krause,
  Nickolay V. Shmyrev, Christophe Saout, Philippe Blain,
  Piotr Klaban]
* Documentation updates [Matthias]
* New and updated translations (ca,cs,cy,el,en_CA,en_GB,es,eu,fi,
  fr,gu,he,id,nl,pt,pl,ru,sr,sr ije,sr Latn,sv,uk)

 UPDATED: gnome-applets-2.6.1

 * Fix bug #135179 - help not displaying from right
   click on the applet. Fix by Richard Kinder.
 * Added a ETCHED_IN border around the Forecast dialog.
 * Added cities in Great Britain. Patch from Gareth Owen
   <gowen72 at yahoo com>. Closes bug #140675.
 * Added some portugese cities. Patch from Milton Moura
   <mgcm at acm org>. Closes bug #140648.
 * Fix for crash when removing second applet.  Fixes
   bug #140964.
 * Fix for certain invalid conditions. From bug #134452. Patch
   from Arnaud Patard .
 * Fixed odd bug with the background update. No more reproducable
   crashes in the flags mode.
 * Better theme handling - deprecated GnomeIconTheme changed to
   GtkIconTheme. Also now gswitchit applet allows local per-user
 * Fix volume reduction for alsa. Fixes bug #137307. Patch
   from Jan Schmidt.
 * Use correct icon to theme properly. Patch from Calum Benson.
   Fixes bug #137707
                                                                                      Wireless applet:
 * handle 2 wireless cards correctly, as well as cards with 2 interfaces such
   as some Cisco cards (Closes: #139336). Fixed by Bastien Nocera.

 NEWS: gnome-desktop-2.6.1

Version 2.6.1


	* Hizkuntza Politikarako Sailburuordetza (eu)
	* Guntupalli Karunaka (gu)
	* Laszlo Dvornik (hu)
	* Mohammad DAMT (id)
	* John C Barstow (mi)
	* Tino Meinen (nl)
	* Kjartan Maraas (no)
	* Baris Cicek (tr)

 NEWS: gnome-games-2.6.1

gnome-games "Thank you and Good Night" 2.6.1

Bug fixes for mahjongg and blackjack. Translation updates for
Hungarian and Gujarati. What more could you ask from a stable 
release ?

 NEWS: gnome-icon-theme-1.2.1

Version 1.2.1

Changes since 1.2.0:
* new im icons
* some mime icon updates
* Some new evolution icons

 UPDATED: gnome-keyring-0.2.1

Translation updates.

 NEWS: gnome-mag-0.10.11

What's new in gnome-mag-0.10.11:

* bugfixes: fixes for border-color, use of --source-display and 
  --target-display at runtime (client still needs to destroy and 
  recreate any existing zoom regions after such a change, or else
  you need gnome-mag-0.11.1).

* added code in control-client.c to test runtime change of source and


 NEWS: gnome-media-2.6.2

This is gnome-media 2.6.2

Changes since 2.6.1:

      * Swapped About and Help (Jorn Baayen)
      * Fixed cddb-slave2 documentation link (Kaushal Kumar)

Bugs fixed since 2.6.1:

      * 140344: use gnome-common (Christian Neumair)
      * 141406: use a colorspace convertor from gst-plugins
      * 137198: install gstreamer-properties correctly (Julio Vidal)
      * 125409: redraw display text when style changes (Leena Gunda)
      * 137464: use gtk_icon_theme in recorder (Fernando Herrera)
      * 141985: also check .cddb entries (Thomas)
      * 114015: Fix display of unknown entries (Thomas)
      * 124924: Initialize pointers (Thomas)
      * 119596: Differentiate between audio and data cd (Balamurali Viswanathan)
      * 139555: Make CD playback stop when application exits (Richard Kinder)

Changes since 2.6.0:

      * Added Gujarati translation (Guntupalli Karunakar)
      * Fixed mixer icons for ALSA (Ronald Bultje)

Bugs fixed since 2.6.0:

      * 133217: Underquoted definitions in acinclude.m4
      * 134094: Small g_print errors

 UPDATED: gnomemeeting-1.0.2

Translation updates.

 NEWS: gnome-netstatus-2.6.1

Version 2.6.1

  o Misc

	* Lookup the window icon according to the icon theme (Mark)
	* Fix interface stats code on FreeBSD (Joe Marcus Clarke)
	* Destroy the error dialog when the applet is removed (Paolo Borelli)

 NEWS: gnome-panel-2.6.1

Version 2.6.1


	* Make the default background color white with solid-color background (Mark)
	* Load applets in the correct order on non-expand panels (Mark)
	* Kill error dialogs associated with a launcher when deleting it (Vijaykumar Patwari)
	* Install default_setup in /apps/panel/profiles/default too (Mark)
	* Don't try and load glade files from the current directory (Mark)

  Clock Applet

	* Fix problems with the localization of the clock format (Mark)


	* Parallel build fix (Frederic Crozat)


	* Zuza Software Foundation (af)
	* Adam Weinberger (en_CA)
	* Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
	* Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio (eu)
	* Pauli Virtanen (fi)
	* Guntupalli Karunakar (gu)
	* Robert Sedak (hr)
	* Gabor Kelemen (hu)
	* Mohammad DAMT (id)
	* Jitendra Shah (mr)
	* Chanchai Junlouchai (th)


 NEWS: gnome-session-2.6.1

Version 2.6.1


	* Fix a crash with the logout dialog on multi-screen setups (Mark)


	* Zuza Software Foundation (af)
	* Hizkuntza Politikarako Sailburuordetza (eu)
	* Guntupalli Karunakar (gu)
	* John C Barstow (mi)


 NEWS: gnome-terminal-2.6.1

- Translation updates. Notably, Gujarati and Punjabi translations have been added.
  Gabor Kelemen (hu); Nirav, Ankit, Ankur, Atit, Bhavin, Kartik, Khushbu, Sweta (gu);
  Robert Sedak (hr); Priit Laes (et); Anthony Tang (zh_TW).

 UPDATED: gnome-themes-2.6.1

Traslation updates.

 NEWS: gnome-utils-2.6.1

GNOME Utilities 2.6.1

GNOME Search Tool

	* Update localized online user help [Sun translation team]
	* Fix compiler warnings [Dennis, Heikki]

	* Adam Weinberger [en_CA]
	* Guntupalli Karunakar [gu]
	* Andras Timar [hu]	
	* Robert Sedak [hr]
	* Jordi Mallach [ca]
	* Baris Cicek [tr]
	* Iñaki Larrañaga [ba]


 NEWS: gnome-vfs-

gnome-vfs 2.6.1
	* Bugs fixed:
	        + portability fixes
		+ work with GNUTLS 1.0
		+ sftp: handles servers that ask for "Password" (not "password")
		+ gnome_vfs_inet_connection_read handles EOF correctly
		+ thread-safe gnome-vfs-parse-ls.c
		+ fix mime crash
		+ toplevel smb directories aren't writable

 NEWS: gnopernicus-0.8.4

Changes in 0.8.4

    * Added support for target.

    * Added Gujarati language.

 NEWS: gok-0.10.2

New in GOK 0.10.2: [This is the gnome-2.6.1 release of GOK]

* Much improved table handling: many table and list items
  that were previously 'inert' when activated from GOK now
  work correctly. (#117567, #129450)

* GOK now allows direct interaction with the gtk+-2.4 file selector.

* Fixed a regression in the Settings dialog 
  when used with HighContrastInverse themes. (#138683)

* Fixed modifier/shift behavior in "alphabetic" keyboards that
  aren't created from the XKB keyboard description.

* Improved support for Mozilla-1.6. (This will be visible to end-users
  when mozilla changes are pushed out to the main 1.6 tree)

* build fixes: #136732 (parallel make), #139495 (improper use of FORCE
  in schemas).

* other bugfixes: #133545, 

* languages:
  gu (Guntupalli Karunakar)
  bn (Sayamindu Dasgupta)
  hu (Andras Timar)


 NEWS: gst-plugins-0.8.1

This is GStreamer Plugins 0.8.1

Bugs fixed since 0.8.0:
      * 120883 : osssink advertises more rates than it handles
      * 125732 : v4l2src don't support all YUV formats
      * 134301 : gst-plugins should depend on X
      * 135919 : Mandrake 10
      * 136477 : [PATCH] gst-launch-ext does not support .mov
      * 136527 : gdk_pixbuf makefile tried to execute targets contrains in...
      * 137348 : media-info .pc file lacks a 'Version:' line
      * 137448 : mpegaudioparse: crash (bus error)
      * 137504 : mpeg2dec fails on 422 encoded material
      * 137556 : Ogg Vorbis playback has poor spatialization
      * 137588 : ffmpegcolorspace gives critical when it should throw error
      * 137722 : Quicktime audio parsing is broken
      * 138105 : [mpeg1videoparse] Hangs while decoding everest.m1v
      * 138168 : id3tag using gst_event_new_discontinuous incorrectly?
      * 138169 : matroska-demux using gst_event_new_discontinuous without ...
      * 138635 : two GLib-GObject-CRITICAL Messages when running gst-regis...
      * 138846 : all of the ladspa-wrapped source-plugins fail to go to pl...
      * 138914 : gstgdkanimation.h is missing from gst-plugins-0.8.0
      * 139034 : Non-standard test(1) operator used in configure script
      * 139035 : Non-standard regex used as libtool argument
      * 139382 : mad decoder can resync wrongly after seek and does explic...
      * 139532 : gstcolorspace crashes when after v4lsrc (ffmpegcolorspace...
      * 139926 : id3tag's caps cause it to be plugged more than once by sp...
      * 139958 : Leak in avidemux
      * 140058 : [msmpeg4] file with broken qscale/header does not play

Changes since 0.8.0:

      * New translations in this release: Swedish, Afrikaans, Azerbeaijani
      * Updated osssink: now does probing of possible output properties
      * Updated qtdemux: fixes for MACE audio
      * New debug element: quasirandom byte changes
      * New element: dvddemux
      * New element: kiosrc, a KIO-slaves source
      * Various memleak and buffer overflow fixes

 NEWS: gstreamer-0.8.1

This is GStreamer 0.8.1

Changes since 0.8.0:
      * new translations: Azarbaijani, Afrikaans, Swedish
      * MinGW compilation fixes
      * buffer internal fixes
      * new entry scheduler
      * move from memchunks to malloc
      * lots of memleak fixes
      * better valgrind support
      * registry fixes

 NEWS: gtk+-2.4.1

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.4.0 to GTK+ 2.4.1
* GtkFileChooser
 - bug fixes [Morten Welinder, Federico Mena Quintero]
 - pre-fill the location entry [Federico]
 - internal api changes to allow setting a busy cursor
   while loading [Federico]
 - improve pathbar button sizing [Owen Taylor]
 - add keybindings for removing bookmarks [Federico]
* GtkComboBox, GtkEntryCompletion
 - fix repositioning logic [Niklas Knutsson]
 - make keynav wrap around [Matthias]
 - improve theme compliance [Matthias, Brian Cameron]
* GtkUIManager
 - accept unnamed <separator>s [Anders Carlsson]
 - robustify against gtk_widget_show_all() [Murray Cumming]
 - warn if an accelerator cannot be parsed  [Jody Goldberg]
* Win32
 - fix DND positioning [Hans Breuer]
 - update gtkfilesystemwin32 [Tor Lillqvist, J. Ali Harlow]
 - make filechooser work on Windows [Tor]
 - draw arcs more correctly [Tor]
 - disable tables support by support, add --use-wintab to
   get it back  [Tor]
* Make color wheel accessible [Padraig O'Briain]
* Support _NET_WM_USER_TIME [Elijah Newren, Soeren Sandmann]
* Doc improvements [Federico, Matthias, Christian Persch]
  Olexiy Avramchenko, Tim-Philipp Müller]
* Misc bug fixes [Alex Converse, Owen, Jacques Garrigue,
  Jonathan Blandford, Anders Carlsson, Christian, Hans,
  Matthias, Morten, Philip Langdale, Brian, Pedro Rodriguez,
  Soeren, Torsten Schoenfield, Dongho Shin, Andrew E. Makeev,
  Todd Goyen, Tim Gerla, John Finlay, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan,
  John Ehresman, Chris Sherlock, Jody]
* Updated translations (af,ar,az,bn,br,ca,cs,cy,da,de,el,en_CA,
  mn,mr,ms,ne,nl,nn,no,pa,pl,pt,pt_BR,sk,ru,sq,sr,sr ije,sr Latn,

 NEWS: gtksourceview-1.0.1

News in 1.0.1

* Updated C highlighting to include C99 keywords, types and macros.
* Updated Python highlighting to include Python 2.3 keywords, types
  and functions.
* Added GtkSourceView class documentation.
* Bug fixes and updated translations.

 NEWS: libgnomecanvas-

libgnomecanvas 2.6.1 "Girzby"

What's new since 2.6.0

* Translations:
	- Added Gujarati translation (Gujarati Team)
	- Added Basque translation (Iñaki Larrañaga)
	- Various updated translations (ca, he, nn, wa)

 UPDATED: libgnomeprint-2.6.1

 * Fix slanting of fonts. Jean Brefort.
 * Add a lot of API-documentation. Kevin Sharp.

 UPDATED: libgnomeprintui-2.6.1

 * Avoid creating unnecessary accessibility relation.
   Padraig O'Briain.

 NEWS: libgnomeui-

libgnomeui 2.6.1 "Magmoor"

What's new since 2.6.0

* Improvements:
	- File system loading notification support (Federico Mena Quintero)

* Bug fixes:
	- Authentication manager fixes (Alexander Larsson)
	- File system fixes (Federico, Alexander)
	- Various bugfixes (Padraig O'Brian, Anders Carlsson)

* Translations:
	- Added Punjabi translation (Amanpreet Singh Alam)
	- Added Gujarati translation (Gujurati Team)
	- Added Maori translation (John C Barstow)
	- Added Basque translation (Iñaki Larrañaga)
	- Added Afrikaans translation (Zuza Software Foundation)
	- Various updated translations (ca, et, eu, he, hu, id, is, nn, wa)

 NEWS: libgtkhtml-2.6.1

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.6.1
* Look for "id" attribute of anchor element as XHTML 1.0 deprecates
"name" attribute. (bug 137854) [Sven Neumann]

* Use focus-width when restyling box. (bug 125290) [Balamurali Vishwnanthan]

* Fix crasher bug in gnochm when displaying new page. (bug #135489).

 UPDATED: libgtop-2.6.0

Translation updates and minor fixes.

 UPDATED: librsvg-2.6.5

Remove unneeded dependencies.

 NEWS: libwnck-2.6.1



 - Fix icon-reading crash when using enlightenment (Neil Muller)
 - AIX portability fixes (Kjartan Maraas)
 - Don't attempt to center the workspace on the mouse click (Kim Woelders)

 - Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio (eu)
 - Guntupalli Karunakar (gu)
 - Mohammad DAMT (id)
 - Samúel Jón Gunnarsson (is)
 - Baris Cicek (tr)

 UPDATED: libxklavier-1.02

* Work with X.Org
* Detect xkb rules set at runtime
 UPDATED: libxml2-2.6.9

   - implement xml:id Working Draft, relaxed XPath id() checking
   - bugfixes: xmlCtxtReset (Brent Hendricks), line number and CDATA (Dave
    Beckett), Relax-NG compilation (William Brack), Regexp patches (with
    William), xmlUriEscape (Mark Vakoc), a Relax-NG notAllowed problem (with
    William), Relax-NG name classes compares (William), XInclude duplicate
    fallback (William), external DTD encoding detection (William), a DTD
    validation bug (William), xmlReader Close() fix, recusive extention
   - improvements: use xmlRead* APIs in test tools (Mark Vakoc), indenting
    save optimization, better handle IIS broken HTTP redirect  behaviour (Ian
    Hummel), HTML parser frameset (James Bursa), libxml2-python RPM
    dependancy, XML Schemas union support (Kasimier Buchcik), warning removal
    clanup (William), keep ChangeLog compressed when installing from RPMs
   - documentation: examples and xmlDocDumpMemory docs (John Fleck), new
    example (load, xpath, modify, save), xmlCatalogDump() comments,
   - Windows: Borland C++ builder (Eric Zurcher), work around Microsoft
    compiler NaN handling bug (Mark Vakoc)

 NEWS: libxslt-1.1.6

Those are the public releases made:
1.1.6: Apr 18 2004:
   - 2 bug fixes about keys fixed one by Mark Vakoc

 NEWS: metacity-2.8.1


Thanks to Olivier Crete, Jarrod Johnson, Neil Muller, Elijah Newren,
Mark McLoughlin, Rob Adams, and foser AT for fixes in this

  - make the --enable-xinerama switch work properly
  - prevent unwanted grab op from occurring
  - don't down-size nitems from a gulong to an int
  - add a value type check for the visual/audible bell gconf settings
  - make the no sm support warning resizable
  - more translations

 NEWS: nautilus-2.6.1

This is nautilus 2.6.1, the file manager for the Gnome 2 desktop.

Major changes since 2.6.0 are:
* Fix various crashes and leaks
* Use correct icon for filesystem in treeview
* Place unplaced windows over the parent window
* Fix non-ascii typeahead
* Faster property dialog for operations on many files
* Faster list view
* Fill open location dialog with initial path
* Add down arrow to location button
* Make shift close window behind in more places
* Allow smaller spatial windows
* Allow svg backgrounds
* Fix ignore kde trash directory hack
* By default set per-folder background in spatial mode

 NEWS: nautilus-cd-burner-2.6.1


Translation updates
Fix temporary directory gconf settings bug

 UPDATED: ORBit2-2.10.2

* Build fixes and other minor fixes.

 NEWS: vte-0.11.11

0.11.11: Add APIs for setting font with/without antialiasing, cursor color,
	 hilite color, and a forkpty()-alike.  Fix meta-space.  Use glib 2.4's
	 child watch API if available.
	 Add a configure switch for setting the default emulation instead of
	 hard-coding it to be "xterm".
	 Tweak autowrapping of text to handle cases where the terminal has
	 both LP and xn capabilities.
	 Truncate empty lines when copying text to mimic xterm.
	 Internally abstract out matching APIs, though we still use POSIX regex.
	 Try to set UTF8 line editing mode under sufficiently-new Linux.
	 Obey Pango's specified attributes when displaying pre-edit text.
	 Never steal modifier keys which might affect the input method from
	 the input methods.
	 Fix python binding so that help() lists the terminal class.
0.11.10: Fix cases where the application sets the encoding.  Adjust display of
         way-too-wide characters to better comply with openi18n.

 NEWS: yelp-2.6.1

Changes in 2.6.1:
* Numerous leaks identified and fixed:
  #140597, #140595, #140546, #140525, #140524          (Morten Welinder)
* Crash on close fixed, #140300                        (Morten Welinder)
* Fixed compile failure, #134886                       (Shaun McCance)
* Fixed potential memory error, #128914                (Shaun McCance)
* Updated translations:
  af      (Zuza Software Foundation)
  gu      (Gujarati Team)
  is      (Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson)
  th      (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)
  hr      (Robert Sedak)
  hu      (Andras Timar)

 NEWS: zenity-2.6.2

Zenity 2.6.2
" Look what you've gone and done "

	* Make dialogs transients of parent xterm [Sebastian Kapfer]
	* Fix up the dialogs according to the HIG [Sebastian Heinlein]
	* Add --text to the list dialog, it was mostly implemented 
	  but never hooked up [Glynn]
	* New and updated translations
		- Adam Weinberger [en_CA]
		- Duarte Loreto [pt]
		- Vincent van Adrighem [nl]

Zenity 2.6.1
" Okay, so I didn't get to Rottnest! "

	* Fix up scrollkeeper issues [Glynn]
	* Fix up help docs [Ross, Matt]
	* New and updated translations
		- David Fernandez Vaamonde, Jesus Bravo Alvarez [gl]
		- Guntupalli Karunakar [gu]
		- Adam Weinberger [en_CA]
		- Yogeesh MB [kn]

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