Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

Andy Ross <andy plausible org> writes:

>> 2.  It takes reading through newsgroups and searching through Google to
>>     find the magic incantations to use it reasonably well or turn it off,
> Why does this myth persist?
> Select "Browse" from a context menu.  Or create a launcher that runs
> "nautilus --browse".  If you are using FC2, there's one in your
> desktop menu already.  If you *really* hate the spacial stuff, then
> hide or delete the spatial icons on your desktop and use the launcher
> for everything.

I personally would search for a switch from spartial to non-spartial
in the 'View menu', not in the right click one. As it currently is
there doesn't seem to be a way to view the current folder easily in
browse mode, instead I have to 'browse' a child folder and up-arrow in
the browser then back to the parent folder.

> Basically, spend 10 minute configuring your desktop before flaming
> to the rest of the world about it.

Well, Gnome people might be better of not switching paradigmen with
every release without even asking the user about it.

>> 3.  It takes more than two sentences to explain why it's "better",
>> Then it probably isn't.
> Try turning that around: explain to your grandmother why a browser
> interface is better,

Less clutter, text-input, a new folder for drag&drop just a single
click away, etc.

> or even what the tree on the left side is supposed to represent.

A hierachical representation of my filesystem. Yep, maybe not what
grandmother would understand, but I doubt that the majority of Gnome
users currently are grandmothers.

> The windows users of the same skill level have a heap of crap in the
> default (usually application-specific) locations.

A bunch of apps placed the users directly into that location when
saving files, which was the result of a lack of Home-folder in Win95

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