widget, window and releasing [Was: where to install modules ?]

<quote who="Thomas Vander Stichele">

> can someone tell me what the situation is with widget/window ? I have two
> versions of gnome-media I have wanted to release for the last two days,
> but widget is inaccessible, and window doesn't accept my login, and I
> can't get anyone to comment on what's going on :)
> Should I put my tarballs somewhere else for now, or is this something that
> is going to be arranged ? Did I not get a memo ?

There was no memo, unfortunately. I kept convincing myself that the Red Hat
dudes would have it up soon enough that it wasn't worth mailing about it.
Sorry. In short:

  * Totally new hardware and location
  * widget has become window
  * homedirs are not yet available
  * We have to slip the first 2.7 release because of this

Everything ought to be back soon, so I'm hoping we can just defer it to next

- Jeff

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