Re: promoting free media codecs from GNOME

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 16:30 +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Gwe, 2004-05-07 at 01:06, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > 100%. I like this plan, I'm glad to be a part of it, let's do it! ;-)
> A more subtle approach which would avoid confusion would be to offer
> selections like
> 		Audio (music)
> 		Audio (lossless)
> 		Audio (speech)
> 		Video (low bandwidth)  [BBC and Vorbis]

In case others were wondering what Alan was on when he wrote that, the
Beeb has released a new video codec called "Dirac". See this page for

> 		Video (conferencing)   [eg QV30]
> 		Other proprietary encodings...
> and put them on a secondary menu if they are present

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 
It was a working class tradition, like fathers chasing kids around with
their power tools. 

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