Re: Introducing Muine, Rhythmbox in 2.8 and other things

On Sat, 8 May 2004, Colin Walters wrote:

> Player" (Of course Rhythmbox currently fails in that it doesn't play
> CDs, but it shouldn't be too hard to add).

Slightly OT, but I'd like to point out here that if AudioCD-capability is
added to either Rhythmbox or Muine, I prefer it would be implemented the
way Totem+libxine works, with CDDA. This is a much more reliable way of
playing audio CD's than the traditional way, where you have to connect
cables inside your box, which isn't even possible (afaict) with my
on-board sound chip.

> For musicbrainz, doing stuff like conflict resolution, you really do
> need a separate application, I agree.

Does Cantus-3 come into the picture here?

> For Rhythmbox, I think it makes sense to do visualization.

Dennis Smit has been working on a library for visualization, I can't
remember its name offhand... (maybe just libvis or something).


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