Re: promoting free media codecs from GNOME

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 16:19, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > Well, there's one case where this could be a problem.  Say I'm ripping
> > some CDs to upload them to my iPod or some other portable music player. 
> > If I'm a user with little knowledge of audio formats, I'll just rip to
> > the default (Ogg, perhaps?).
> Don't be silly. Somebody buying an iPod, or even more so for other
> less-known brands/products, will know what an MP3 is, for sure.

I'd say that most people with MP3/etc players know what an MP3 is, and
as long as the default mentions "Vorbis" somewhere they'll know they
need to change it to MP3 if that is all their crippled player supports. 
I'd say the majority of players now days support MP3 and Ogg anyway,
with the iPod being the major exception (with damn sweet design

I don't suppose we'll be able to have ATRAC3 in the default list of
profiles, will we? ;)

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