Re: gpdf string freeze breakages

El mar, 04-05-2004 a las 22:12, +0200, Rémi Cohen-Scali escribió:
> This is a wonderfull status page. But  it is  very translation oriented 
> and really very  complete (with several views).
> I hope (for the maintainer) it is generated ;-).

Yes it's generated  every 8 hours.

> Seriously it is very nice but I was thinking to something simpler and 
> more developer oriented.

The status pages are evolving all time (not as fast as I could want) but
they are evolving and I think that you want those pages to not break the
freeze again, with status pages is easy, don't touch the GNOME 2.6
modules listed there ;-)

Please, don't create a new place to store the same information, we have
already the releng module list (it's only update with a new release),
the jhbuild .xml definition file and the status pages "database" (it's
now a .xml file but it's evolving into a database). If you create your
own web pages, try to reuse some of the already available "backends",
it's not an easy task update the development branches.


Carlos Perelló Marín
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