Re: gpdf string freeze breakages

No something else. I broke freeze because I looked at the 2.6, 2.7 schedule.
(2.6.1 released on April 21th on it).
I'd like to find a clear statement about string freeze or code freeze with a note as:
to commit send a mail to xxx yyyy (exactly as mozilla tinderbox).
Schedules are plans, and they are not updated every day (or is it ?). I was thinking about a day to day updated page with instantaneous (...) status for every branch including HEAD.

At least it would have helped me ... but perhaps I missed or missread something ...

Elijah Newren wrote:

On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 21:30 +0200, Rémi Cohen-Scali wrote:

I'd like to propose ....

What about a page on the developer web site with a clear status of the gnome cvs repository, branch / branch
(mozilla have such a status with tinderboxes).
Such a page would have clearly stated the string freeze and I wouldn't have broken it. Perhaps it will help reduce that kind of annoyances by clearly centralizing these infos and recalling
rules about different states.

Is what you had in mind, or where you
thinking of something else?


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