Re: gscreensaver :: a bit of a mockup

On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 08:47 -0700, Rob Adams wrote:
> I should note that the HIG has a model for what a password alert should
> look like.  This pretty clearly falls into that category, so I would
> recommend that you follow that model.  I have a glade file for such a
> dialog of this somewhere since I've been contemplating writing a
> screensaver myself (perhaps some collaboration is in order).

I am more then happy to work with someone on this. Mostly because I am
really bad at starting projects ;) Plus, I'm sure I haven't thought of

Perhaps this is more what you had in mind?
I think this is definitely a lot more inline with the HIG (ie, I
bothered to read the appropriate section). I added the padlock from the
theme and set the pango markups appropriately. Also made it all one

> Interestingly, most of the code needed to write a gtk screensaver can
> already be found in Dr. Wright.

Dr Wright is the Lock Screen thing, yes?

> Also, an important consideration will be some sort of support for
> assistive technologies, like onscreen keyboard and magnifier support, so
> keep that in mind as you plan your development.


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