Re: PROPOSAL: GNOME Volume Manager for GNOME 2.8

On Sat, 2004-06-26 at 02:17, Sander Vesik wrote:
> zip is not really an archival format either. And jdk-s do share the result.

I'd doubt that.

A JVM will open the zip file, search for the class file they need to
open, read the bytes from the class file and then transform it into an
in-memory representation.  The .class format works well as an on-disk
format, but it sucks as a data structure for actually running Java
from.  Therefore every JVM loads all of rt.jar separately.

(however, JDK 1.5 appears to do some magic when it installs to pre-parse
some of the classes, but I've not dug into this much it is
arch-specific. These files are not zip files and may well be memory
dumps of the parsed classes, so can be loaded in a single step)

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