Re: Industrial as default theme?

>I say, just replace it, anything is *much* better than the current
>default. We can all discuss until our deaths about the exact rgb value
>to use for background color after that. We are still early in the cycle
>so if someone later on comes up with on that is a tad darker we can
>replace it...

This would be a mistake. From the moment it gets into the cvs as it gets
more difficult to convience people to fix it afterwards. If you find the
current "Simple" theme ugly (I do too, light blue text color on light grey
bg makes it very difficult to read!), use the "Default/Ralleigh" one, which
while it doesn't look as cool immediately, it is far more usable than both
Simple and Industrial.

Basically, there are two things on a theme: aesthetics and usability.
Industrial has some aesthetics but it lacks severly in usability, so before
it gets integrated on Gnome I would like to see some changes to it.  It is
the same thing when the XX developer proposes his app for inclusion: people
ask for changes before it gets integrated, and so this should be true for
this case as well.

Jeff did some nice changes to Industrial earlier today and if he continues
working on it and fix the remaining two problems, I don't see why not
include it, but please don't include the stock Industrial version. It's just
not usable -- it is eye wrecking-- and to be honest, it is of major surprise
for me that Ximian has approved this theme to be used with Ximian Desktop
for so long.


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