Re: Industrial as default theme?

oh, I forgot to mention another example in regards to all bright themes:
Open a text file with gedit and then click on the Edit menu item. The resulted drop-down menu is so white and it doesn't have any shadows or harsh lines around it (like the nicely done Ralleigh/Default theme in this particular regard) making it hard to distinguish that this menu is not part of the actual text file!

Or, when you read the d-d-l archives with Epiphany (which has a white background) and then clicking the View menu, it results to the same confusion.

This is why the black mouse cursors (e.g. on OSX) have a white border so when the background is black, you will still be able to see the cursor (so it won't be black on black) and when the background is white, the cursor itself is black.

Regarding menus and widgets, because we don't have the luxury of shadows (which are not just eye candy), we would need a 2-3 pixel inset harsher border colors to make the widgets distinguishable despite of the background colors underneath. Again, please consult the Raleigh/Default theme for a good example how to make things look clear (resulting into added usability) without looking too edgy/harsh.


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