Re: PROPOSAL: Evolution for GNOME 2.8

Hello  everyone!

JP Rosevear <jpr novell com> wrote:

The Evolution team would like to formally propose Evolution 2.0
( for inclusion in the GNOME 2.8
Desktop release.

Please let me kindly point Evolution hackers to a bug (well, remind them)
that keeps Turkish and Azeri users that is 90 million potential users from using Nautilus in their locale.

The bug is and contains lots of
comments which could help solve the problem. In short the problem is
that Evolution uses a locale dependent to check a case insensitive keyword;
but keywords are non case insensitive in a local sense, but in an *ascii* sense. g_ascii_strcasecmp() must be used; *NEVER* strcasecmp() or g_utf8_strcasecmp().

Alco CC'ing evolution-hackers ximian com list. Please keep me in CC I am not subscribed.

Sorry for polluting the DD list anyway.

Keep the great work!

Metin Amiroff      <metin at karegen dot com> |
Do a good deed, and throw it into the sea. If the fish don't appreciate it, the Creator will. - Azeri proverb

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