Re: Scripting in Gnome

> We already have that -- python and perl
I mean like VBA and javascript (ie mini-script typeless languages which
dont require huge libraries like perl and python) as these
can be easily embedded in apps. Things like the GnomePanel could have
extensions to allow customisation via scripts - E.G an OnMouseOver
event on a panel button could be made avialable to scripts to say
allow the button to be highlighted in a different way or the Gnome menu
to be opened without clicking etc

>XML is a description language rather than a scripting language.
XML can contain embedded scripts like HTML does with javascript. 
Mozilla's XUL is a good example of the future of scripted apps.
GDesklets is another example all though it is rather limited. What
we need is a standard way of scripting in Gnome apps with the ability
to create apps using just XML with embedded scripting as well as allowing
existing apps to be extended or controlled.

MS has an Active/X scripting control which provides Jscript and 
VbScript to apps so something along those lines wood be good.
It should be open so that new script languages can be specified
and used (hence a language definition XML format that I suggested) 

Hope that clarifies what I was trying to say in my original email.


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