Re: proposal for a smarter behavior for raising windows on mouse click

Martin Grimme wrote:
> I have seen there has been an endless discussion going on about whether
> mouse clicks into the window area should raise a window in metacity or
> not. Havoc's point of view was that we should not ask for yes or no, but
> think of a smarter window manager behavior.

(FWIW, I think metacity's current (2.6) behavior is close enough
to the Right Thing -- no raise-on-click, use Alt-ButtonPress-1
to raise the window.)

> From what I have heard, users don't want windows to be raised during:
> - drag and drop
> - selecting text
> - using the scrollbars
> This led me to the idea that certain widgets could e.g. set a
> _NET_WM_DONT_RAISE flag on their toplevel window which the window
> manager checks before actually raising the window.

How is the widget or the application supposed to know
if the user wants raise-on-click or not?

Seems to me that would just replace one global click-to-raise
user preference option (or zero, in the case of metacity :-)
with a plethora of click-to-raise-when-clicked-here options.
Not a good tradeoff...

--Joe English

  jenglish flightlab com

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