Re: platform - preparing for release 1

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 03:14, Daniel Stone wrote:

> I've just been appointed release manager and am looking
> towards a Platform release.

All the best.


> I'm in the process of working out what that 'other stuff' should be, so
> if you have any suggestions, please let me know. 

(its already hosted on fd.o)

(and I guess it needs more proactive marketting to few projects like OOo
that has not adopted it as I understood it last month)

I do not understand how excatly applictions are chosen for the GUI focus
fd.o has but if Enchant is fit for inclusion in the Platform release
then may be there willbe more suggestions.

> We also have some grounding in various standard-setting activities, so
> if you have any gripes you want fixed, please feel free to let me know
> about that, too.

My main gripe is incoherent translations across various platforms.
Before that could be fixed I see those in a hurry moving onto
spellcheckers and what have you, which would technically render
technologies like Enchant useless.

So please see next mail :) 



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