RE: Clipboard daemon

> Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > Murray wrote:
> > > Jody, there seems to be lots of confusion about what exactly
> > > Klipper is doing, so it would be great if you could try 
> > > Hongli's patch and check whether it actually has the same 
> > > problems with Gnumeric. Here is the patch, which works well 
> > > for me:
> > > 
> > > Or, if you are not running GNOME 2.5, could you point us to a
> > > suitably big gnumeric document, and give us clear test 
> instructions?
> > 
> > Jody, do you have such an example, so I can test this? If 
> not, I hope 
> > we can apply Hongli's patch to gnome-settings-daemon so 
> that it gets 
> > more testing. So far it's working wonderfully for me.
> 1) Select a few columns
> 2) 12.34<ctrl-enter>
> 3) ctrl-c

Either with or without Hongli's patch, that takes a very long time for me on
my laptop.  I don't notice any great difference. If you expect the
difference to be noticeable, could you please try Hongli's patch yourself?

Interstingly, even without the patch it did not always seem to succeed.
Gnumeric would stop it's intensive CPU use and the Gnumeric UI would become
responsive again, but pasting into gedit did not always produce anything. It
did work once, but I don't think I did anything differently. Copying smaller
ranges of cells worked fine.

Quite apart from this patch, I guess that applications should have some
visual feeback when copying and pasting take minutes, instead of having
unresponsive Uis for minutes. Of course Excel on Windows has the same

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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