Re: preferred applications dialog: Mail Readers hardcoded

On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 15:44, Bastien Nocera wrote:

> Fair enough. The main problem I would see would be the KDE maintainers
> adding a keyword for one of their app, because they can also change the
> "handler" (their volume manager, or any other piece of software that
> would use these keywords), and the same thing happening on the GNOME,
> with the end result being 2 different keywords for the same thing.

Yah.  We would just have to do everything, centrally, through

> > Indeed, the code would suck.
> Hehe, there's a bit of a misunderstanding there. "Piece of piss" means
> "easy as pie" over here ;)

Bahaha, whoops.  Learn something everyday.

How do we find and manage all of the .desktop files, then?

	Robert Love

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