RE: Proposed: mozilla-bonobo

On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 20:01, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> > It won't enable you to view web pages that you couldn't view already
> > before in some way.
> > 
> > >  Let's focus
> > > on the user goals/tasks.
> > - In the long term, enable bonobo components to replace proprietary
> >   plugins like Flash, Real Player, etc.
> IHMO This is where mozilla-bonobo (or a similar solution) can make a
> real difference for users.
> Example:
> (Sorry it's not a real world example but it was the first thing I found
> goggling. It's common in real web sites though)
> To view that web page you have either to install a proprietary plugin or
> look at the html source, download the video and play it with totem.

To get this working, not much would actually be needed.
Somebody would need to make a bonobo component of totem
that supported the corresponding mime-type. This alone
would suffice to get playback working in a very basic way.

Afterwards, the following refinements would be useful:

- Add support for streaming data to mozilla-bonobo.
  (Currently it always downloads the data and then
   invokes the component on the downloaded file.)

- Add parameter support to totem's bonobo control.
  The parameters are passed from the html page through
  mozilla-bonobo into the control. They define some
  of the behaviour and of the UI of the control.
  It might be worthwhile to support the same parameters
  as the Real plugin and the Windows media player.


Christian Glodt

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