RE: Suggestion for the actual UI of GTK+'s NewFileSelector

> >It would be interesting to see what the Path Finder buttons 
> would look like
> underneath the list.


It certainly looks better IMO.  I just wonder if there would be confusion with the Path Finder buttons being underneath.  The arrows < and > both have the same look that horizontal scroll bars do, and may misguide people to think they can scroll.  The Path Finder buttons do look like they are part of the same widget, and I think they should be distinctly separate.

Perhaps the Path Finder buttons should be in between the list and the top buttons ("New Folder", etc) with a reasonable space to show it as a navigation tool.  We might loose valuable space for the list widget and its contents though.

Also, just a suggestion, and it may take up too much space, but what if the Path Finder buttons had an icon to the left to show the type of folder?  More folders would be alike, but those which are in the shortcuts would be even more easily identifiable if an icon was associated with it.

Plus, the "Filename" text (in front of the entry box) should be "Search", it is more generic. :)

The "New Folder", "View as List" and "Show All Files" buttons - are they part of a toolbar? Should they be part of a toolbar ?


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