Re: Translations, GNOME and KDE

> I know that this would work, and I know it would be straightforward, but
> I fear doing that:
> We'd need to separate the property descriptions file-wise (different
> domains, different POTFILES). Do you really like to have
> gtkwidgetproperty.c/.h containing gtk_widget_class_property_init which
> is called by gtk_widget_class_init? In addition, translators don't like
> multi-domain packages, they often get confused and don't look at po-
> whatever.

That is not the idea. Rather, introduce a new macro, e.g. D_() and use it
for property descriptions. Then call xgettext --keyword=D_ instead of xgettext
--keyword=_ in order to extract the property descriptions. As Owen said:
Makefile gymnastics, no need to split the source files.


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