Re: Proposed: Evolution (and associated libs)

<quote who="Chipzz">

> I'm against removing gal in the 2.6 timeframe, you guys should probably
> look at what widgets those apps are using and consider pushing them in- to
> some other library (because I think there are quite some potentially
> usefull widgets in gal, which other apps could benefit from), and remo- ve
> gal in the 2.8 timeframe.

[ In most cases the other apps should be porting to GTK+ widgets anyway,
such as TreeView. They decided to depend on a non-platform library, they
have to live with the consequences. :-) ]

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
    "You know, it's not that unusual, even in Hollywood, for brothers to
         work together. Heard of the Warner brothers?" - Ethan Coen

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