Re: Suggestion for the actual UI of GTK+'s New FileSelector

Sean Middleditch wrote:
>Second, the layout makes file selection look and feel like a series of

This should be the idea, yes. To guide the user to what and how to do next.

>The default location upon opening should be the most likely place the
document will be found

Sure, there is no problem on adding this feature on my suggestion. It
wouldn't destroy the flow.

>This one is very similar to Eugenia's

Yes, I did my mockup and then sent it to Erick before the article went live.
Then Erick did his own modifications on my mockup.

>but the favorites list is put along the side, which feels more natural, and
is also much more aesthetically pleasing.

I agree that it might look better. But this is because this is the layout we
have got used to with all other OSes using it this way. My top-down logic
flow I think can be more productive rather than left-to-right-down-down.
Also, I do not agree on putting the newfolder/showallfiles under the main
gtk file selector.


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