RE: Proposed: Rhythmbox

 > > Actually Epiphany centralizes where our Bookmarks and 
> Browser History 
> > are located; no longer do GNOME apps have to try to detect what 
> > browser is being used (although that is still a decent idea). 
> > Applications like Dashboard and others can *now* integrate bookmark 
> > and history information to provide a better user experience.
> OK, you have convinced me Epiphany exports a data model to 
> other apps, and thus provides a point of integration. But I 
> doubt this is the primary reason it was included.

No, I think GNOME-integration, without preventing use of other browsers,
really was a primary reason for having a GNOME browser. It wasn't just about
having a similar GUI. Just for the record.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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