Re: Translations, GNOME and KDE

mån 2004-01-05 klockan 12.15 skrev Bill Haneman:
> >Looking at this from a GNOME 2.5/2.6 perspective, and looking at the
> >"proposed" section of, I think
> >there is unfortunately a danger of this piece of history repeating
> >itself, perhaps even more than before. There are modules like dasher
> >that are not even in GNOME cvs yet, and which GNOME translators have had
> >little chance to work on and little possibility to try to find the
> >problems in time.
> FWIW, I think Dasher has very few translatable strings.

True. It seems dasher *is* in fact in GNOME cvs now, and I've had a
chance to look at it.

> There may be other i18n issues with it (for instance it requires
> character-sequence frequency data which may not be available for all
> languages), but msgstr translation is unlikely to be a problem IMO.

Ok, I'm bound to agree after looking at it. Anyway, here are my findings
so far:

* The module is completely anonymous, i.e. no contact e-mail addresses
in any toplevel AUTHORS, MAINTAINERS or README file that I could spot.
This should be easy to fix, but in its present state it's difficult to
know whom to contact about any issues in the module, which is a kind of
problematic state of affairs.

* No GNOME Bugzilla product for it (again, if there was a contact for
it, we could help with fixing this)

* Messages use British English spellings (nothing against British
English, but GNU and GNOME software are supposed to be standardized on
American English spellings, see

Obviously, nothing of this is really serious or difficult to fix, but
having these issues be fixed might help a lot.


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