Re: Proposed: mozilla-bonobo

<quote who="Reinout van Schouwen">

> > Agree. It hasn't had enough visibility at all.
> Well... we *are* still in an early beta period. Is jhbuild/garnome the
> only way project XYZ can get enough visibility to be included?

Generally, yeah, because that's what testers are using.

> I vote for including mozilla-bonobo in the next 2.5.x tarball, and see if
> any showstoppers/regressions turn up. If they do, nothing is lost - we can
> back it out, the existing functionality won't quit working from one day to
> another.

Yes, would love to - for 2.5.2 even, but I'm going to need a tarball source
very quickly. :-)

- Jeff

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   "In the pre-Internet age, I was like an Internet kid, with a 3D search
             engine, trying to find weird stuff." - John Safran

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