Re: Proposed: Rhythmbox

<quote who="Eugenia Loli-Queru">

> Jeff Waugh wrote:
> >Eugenia, your very lengthy emails are not helping this discussion at all.
> Only one of my emails was lengthy, and that was a reply to _two_ emails from
> Havoc.

They've all been lengthy.

> > I'm not interested in reading a point you can't make in a decent
> > paragraph
> Oh, great, let's now get flamed by Mr Waugh for not being native english
> speakers.  I hope you can make some decent paragraphs in Greek btw, I
> would really love to see those.

It was a comment on length, not language.

> Instead of refuting my points you reply with cheap trolling. Or is it that
> you actually agree with me?

No, I don't. But my objection has little to do with your perspective.

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
   I must be getting old... Buying toothpaste with gel in it is no longer
                           an Absolute Necessity.

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