Re: Modules that need some intltoolize love...

On Mon, 2003-12-29 at 16:07, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hi all,
> To ensure successful builds, GARNOME has been re-intltoolizing some modules
> to fix up recent b0rkages with new intltool and the missing perl modules.
> Here's a list of the current b0rky tarballs in the desktop, platform and
> proposed categories...
>   desktop/gnome-icon-theme
>   desktop/epiphany
>   desktop/nautilus
>   desktop/gnome-panel
>   desktop/nautilus-cd-burner
>   desktop/ggv
>   desktop/gnome-themes
>   desktop/nautilus-media
>   desktop/gnome-games
>   desktop/bug-buddy
>   platform/gnome-vfs
>   platform/libgnome
>   proposed/gtkhtml
>   proposed/evolution
>   proposed/libgnetwork
>   proposed/evolution-data-server
> Thanks to Jens, who has already fixed up EoG. There are a few other modules
> outside those release sets with the same problem:
>   fifth-toe/galeon
>   fifth-toe/conglomerate
>   geektoys/gnome-vfs-extras
>   hacker-tools/ghex
>   office/gnumeric

I just released Conglomerate 0.7.9, and I believe I've fixed it with
respect to this problem.

Please let me know if it's still broken.  Thanks!

> We don't really need immediate re-release of any of these modules for 2.5.2
> if maintainers have already done them, but ensuring they're fixed up for the
> next release would be great.
> [ Additionally, some modules are being bitten by a libtool/auto* bug that
> appears to be most prevalent in Debian unstable. It causes breakages with
> libtool tags, so you can't build with CC="ccache gcc". I'm not really sure
> what the root cause is, but it's something to be wary of. It's currently
> affecting gpdf, libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui, galeon, gnumeric and
> gnome-system-tools... Sounds like Debian using maintainers to me. ;-) ]
> Thanks everyone!
> - Jeff
David Malcolm

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