Re: Proposed: Evolution (and associated libs)

On Sun, 2004-01-04 at 15:17, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> It's certainly the case for evolution on a couple of the branches:
> on one of them almost 40% (of 6000 strings) of the po file was 
> placenames. Many of them (but not all) overlapped with the 
> placenames in the weather applet. Hmm, let me look. 
> HEAD looks very little different. "Aarhus" appears 49% of the
> way into the file; and "Zurich" completes the list at 84% of
> the way in (by line count rather than strings). There is also
> a set of world countries (most of them) and a lot of time zones.
> And our old favourites, "Shallow snow grains", "Freezing precipitation",
> "Drifting fog", "Blowing volcanic ash", "Thunderous sandstorm"
> and "Funnel cloud in the vicinity".
> You know, for 2.8, there is a _really_ good case for getting
> together with gweather and pulling these out into a library;
> because these weather ones and half the placenames are all in 
> gweather as well, so they are getting translated twice over.

The summary view has been removed in Evo HEAD, so these strings should
be removed.  I guess the source files are still hanging around, and
po/ should be updated.

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