Re: G2.10 Module Proposal: Sound Juicer


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> On Friday 24 December 2004 04:25 am, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> > On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 12:57 +0000, Ross Burton wrote:
> > > Yes, that is the one problem.  Personally, I think gnome-media should
> > > come with a MP3 profile.  The alternative is for SJ to provide one,
> > > but I'm not entirely sure if that is possible with the current system.
> >
> > It shouldn't ! GNOME loves free. If you don't, it's your thing to deal
> > with - tweak the gconf settings :) This was a deliberate choice.
> MP3 *is* free is some places.

Free in some places is not free.  Some people who work on GNOME think
that this is an important distinction.  Some people feel the use of
completely free formats should be promoted over others.  (Those free
formats being qualitatively better is a nice bonus).

>   Why shouldn't GNOME have full-featured 
> support for free technology where there is no mp3 patent?

GNOME makes choices about what to support.  GNOME also not supports
adding a customizable border around icons because you don't like the
spacing, even though there is no legal reason for this.  In this case,
the choice was made to support one specific format for Lossy CD
compression by default.  If you disagree with that choice, you can edit
the GConf key.

The simple reason is, when choosing between either Ogg or MP3 (because
we want to provide one sensible default), Ogg is both better and more


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