Re: G2.10 Module Proposal: Sound Juicer

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 18:12 +0100, Samuel Abels wrote:
> - handling of CDs that do not exist in Musicbrainz already. I remember
> having CDs that caused Sound Juicer just to show nothing in the track
> list (not even the track numbers). This happened with approx. 5 out of
> the ~100 CDs that I scanned.
> IIRC bugzilla does already know that one.


> - Multi-Artist CD support.
> Musicbrainz uses a "Artist / Song" song title format and SoundJuicer
> strips the Slash away. Instead, there should be a sane replacement
> character at least, or even better, real ID3V2 (or OGG) multi artist
> tags.

These are incorrectly tagged albums.  Maybe SJ should detect this but
the problem needs to be fixed in Musicbrainz, as it does support
multi-artist albums correctly.

> - if Sound Juicer is going to replace the GNOME CD player then
> self-written track lists need to be handled better. Manually entered
> track lists are currently forgotten as soon as the CD is ejected. I
> guess it is already planned to support submitting CDs to Musicbrainz?
> Keeping self-made CDs in mind, there should probably even be a local
> storage in addition for track lists that a user does not want to be
> published.

Of course, a local cache is planned if the use-case didn't involve SJ
only seeing a CD once.  Submitting to Musicbrainz is incredibly

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