Re: G2.10 Module Proposal: Sound Juicer

On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 15:20, Ross Burton wrote:
> I'm belatedly proposing Sound Juicer for GNOME 2.10.

I am using 0.5.14 a lot, so I'd like to drop a few comments. Generally,
Sound Juicer works fine. I found some flaws though, I checked most of
the issues for bugzilla bugs and opened new ones where I thought
necessary a while ago. Since I am using 0.5.14 some of these bugs may
already be fixed in CVS.

What I really would like to see fixed is

- handling of CDs that do not exist in Musicbrainz already. I remember
having CDs that caused Sound Juicer just to show nothing in the track
list (not even the track numbers). This happened with approx. 5 out of
the ~100 CDs that I scanned.
IIRC bugzilla does already know that one.

- Multi-Artist CD support.
Musicbrainz uses a "Artist / Song" song title format and SoundJuicer
strips the Slash away. Instead, there should be a sane replacement
character at least, or even better, real ID3V2 (or OGG) multi artist

- if Sound Juicer is going to replace the GNOME CD player then
self-written track lists need to be handled better. Manually entered
track lists are currently forgotten as soon as the CD is ejected. I
guess it is already planned to support submitting CDs to Musicbrainz?
Keeping self-made CDs in mind, there should probably even be a local
storage in addition for track lists that a user does not want to be

Finally, if SoundJuicer is not going to replace GNOME CD I would prefer
the current window layout (one big "Extract" button) over the CD player
as the current layout looks much simpler. (Also, it would be redundant
to the GNOME CD player otherwise.)

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