Re: [Usability] A battery applet...

> It's actually not. Look how far we have come in the last few years. It's
> a matter of changing our thinking from "is this preferences dialog using
> HIG style?" to "How can I make my program so clever I dont need all
> these settings?". Sure, this might not be completely achieveable as a
> goal, but if we aim there, we will get good apps out of it even if we
> need to make compromises.
Yeah, my "utopia" statement was about compromises. Though generally I
agree - we should always push things into the "smart desktop"
direction. But we should always live possibility for manual tweaking
(through gconf or whatever) - I would say this is as important as
these "smarts" we can invent. For every heuristics, there is a point
where it does not work - we should keep this in mind.

> But I think we'll get there eventually :)
Quite a statement you made... It is worth putting on the front page of
the (or, equally)  :)


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