British English (was Re: GNOME Lovers Needed: l10n work for locations database)

Hi Dave,

So your the en_GB person.  I've been using a test from the Translate
Toolkit ( that extracts a list of stop words.
Eg license, color, canceled, etc.  I haven't committed the test yet but
it could be useful to other teams in that you define stop words that
need checking.

I use msgen to create an English file, extract the messages that contain
stop words, then I go through those and correct them, merge them back
and lastly manually go through everything to check for spelling and
grammar errors.

I think you might find it useful.

On Mso, 2004-12-13 at 07:17 -0500, David Lodge wrote:
> Quoting Danilo �egan <danilo gnome org>:
> > > I don't think we have a policy of using American English in the msgid.
> > > We discussed this before, and I proposed to have a more thorough
> > > discussion at the Guadec meeting in Krisiansand, but there was no
> > > meeting on this in Kristiansand. Maybe next time. My suggestion is that
> > > we continue to use English English, as it is more used around the world.
> > > and needs less modifications when going from one version of English to
> > > another.
> > So, it is recommended for at least documentation.
> >
> > OTOH, we already have all the code in U.S. English, and we have en_GB
> > team (and no en_US team).
> >
> > Switching now to British English is going to cause many problems for
> > other translators as well.
> I fully agree with Danilo - even though I don't like American English (being
> British ;-) - I realise that the majority of GNOME developers and users either
> speak or have been taught American English. With my own correspondance with
> NNES I have noted that, for Europe at least, American spelling and grammar is
> taught in preference to British and with the homogenity of American documents
> this is probably the safer option.
> As the en_GB teams does exist (though it seems to just be me at the moment!) I
> see nothing wrong with stating that all strings should be follow American
> grammar and spelling.
> I have actually raised bugs where spellings have been mixed (mainly on
> gnumeric).
> dave
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