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Am Sonntag, den 05.12.2004, 14:32 +0100 schrieb Luca Ferretti:
> Il giorno dom, 05-12-2004 alle 12:28 +0100, Vincent Untz ha scritto:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > > Tuning
> > >       * Are a trash icon on desktop AND a trash applet on panel useful?
> > >       * Is a question alert like "Do you want to remove the trash   from
> > >         desktop and add it to panel?" needed?
> > 
> > It makes sense. Or we could simply remove the trash from desktop.
> Here is /apps/nautilus/desktop/trash_icon_visible GConf key
> > > 
> > > Questions
> > >       * Is it a nautilus bug, a gnome-panel bug, or a gnome-
> > >         applets/trashapplet bug?
> > >       * Can we solve it simply, or we need a big rework of nautilus
> > >         desktop management code?
> > >       * Why can we add multiple trash applet to panels? Do we really
> > >         need 3 trash applets on the same panel?
> > 
> > Well... Why can we add multiple menu bars? I agree that this is useless
> > most of the time, but how can you easily limit the number of instances
> > of an applet, usability-wise? If you remove the applet from the "Add to
> > panel" dialog, then the content of this dialog changes depending on the
> > applets already in use by the user. Not very intuitive...
> Oh, no, sorry. I was thinking something like a "Really add another Trash
> applet to panel?" warning dialog when you try to add a second applet. 

To bark in, does the trash applet hold any useful information of its
If not, I'd suggest to, when adding a new trash icon, just get rid of
the already existing trash applets/desktop icons, whereever they are.
If used together with dnd, this should look like 'move'. 

As a user I hate confirmation dialogs, more so useless ones. Dont ask
'should I unbreak the desktop?' when it has 2000 trash icons, 1999 being
useless :) 

More so since (I think) no information is lost at all when removing the
dupe applets.
Now if the user tried to remove the *last* trash icon, *that* would be
something that would perhaps be eligible to asking first since it needs
a bit of thinking to get it back afterwards.


> So maybe libpanel-applet needs some API to declare an applet as single
> instance. 
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