Re: filename translation implementation - how to decide

On Wed, 2004-15-12 at 16:21 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> However, I'm tired of huge flamewars, and I'm tired of taking the crap
> when we have to make a decision that some people will dislike (any
> decision here will get flamed). So, how do we actually make a decision
> as a group? If we continue to discuss this here we'll only get more
> flames and long threads repeating old arguments, which most people won't
> even read. (In fact, many core maintainers have already left desktop-
> devel-list because of its low signal/noise levels).

Its a legitimate complaint to not want to take crap, but when people
disagree (which you observe they will always do) what are you going to
do? Unsubscribe because not everyone there is as [whatever adjective you
want here] as the core maintainers? Its pretty dangerous in any social
environment to insulate yourself from the community at large.

The signal/noise on d-d-l might be low, but there is a need for people
outside core maintainers to have some sort of say. Telling people like
me that I have no right to speak up is possible, but its not a good way
to build community. If d-d-l isn't where GNOME-at-large can civilly
discuss broad issues AND get actual core developer feedback, then lets
make a proper outlet for that behaviour.

How to decide? Do what you've done: 

1. Highlight the issues involved, pros/cons
2. Have an appropriate level of discussion
3. Put forth a trial implementation
4. Be prepared to back it out if things don't work out

How can we improve discussions? One of two ways:

1. Self police: 
	-refrain from personal remarks
	-refrain from personalizing the debates
	-let the damn flame threads die
	-respect the developers final decision
	-be prepared to admit you were wrong

2. Formalize: the whole GEP + ARC + WhateverAcronym thing


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