Re: filename translation implementation - how to decide

On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 16:21 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> So, I presented two ways to do filename translation. No method is
> perfect, both has disadvantages. People has picked sides, discussed and
> flames were exchanged. 
> Since the time is ticking for the glib/gtk+ API freeze we're soon gonna
> run out of time to get this API in place at the right place (glib).
> Therefore, to further what I think is the right decision I implemented
> the gettext method in glib/gtk+/libgnomeui/nautilus. Patches and test
> filesystem po file attached.


I discussed your glib patch with Owen, and here are the results:

- We don't think its a good idea to add this to GLib one day before
  releasing 2.6, particularly since there didn't seem to be a clear
- It would be better to implement this directly in    
  g_filename_get_display_name(), otherwise we will see inconsistencies
  where some people call g_filename_get_display_name() and some call 
- In order to enable adding filename translation in a 2.6.x release,
  we would be willing to change the semantics of   
  g_filename_get_display_name() to accept a full path and only 
  return a displayable form of the basename.


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