Re: Making nautilus faster with large directories


> I sent this mail to nautilus-list proposing an optimization that should
> make the situation a lot better but got no answer:
> This should be considered for 2.10.  Any thoughts?

The thing you mention about gthumb doing this exact thing is precisely
why I dislike this idea.  gthumb's behaviour when it comes to thumbnails
is the SINGLE MOST ANNOYING[1] thing about the program.  In short, my
CPU time is meant to be used.  Any second my CPU is not doing a 100% is
processor time I paid for that got wasted.  Especially if I have to
*scroll down* to make the program actually thumbnail what I want to

What's the point of previewing if the previews are not ready for me to
watch ? If the program is currently not doing anything, and it has work
left to do to provide me a good and fast UI experience that doesn't
waste my time waiting for stuff that should already have been done, it
should GO ON AND DO IT.


[1]: a close second being "what's up with the annoying behaviour of
storing photo's in an invented directory inside the directory I asked it
to save it and mark it with a film roll icon and use some annoying
syntax for storing the date it was saved on which is information already
present in the file to begin with"

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