Re: Industrial in 2.10?

It seems like there is still a lot of confusion outside of importing new
engines and themes. Perhaps the separation of the three modules should
be cleared up a bit first? Also, I think gnome-themes was originally
just for the a11y themes, and there are quite a few of them in there.
Perhaps these should be moved out into a new module called
gnome-a11y-themes or something. If we want to have a simple set of
default themes for the desktop, I think that might be best done with a
gnome-themes-defaults module or something. It would probably also be
nice if all the default themes used the same engine. This way there
isn't the potential for wild variance through the defaults. This is
what Mac OS and Windows do. XP is slightly different, since they changed
the widgets a bit, so you can also switch between "XP" and "Classic".

I would prefer a separate tarball, or the gnome-themes-default approach
more, especially since I've already done the separation work to make
industrial build by itself. Though, given sufficiently valid technical
and release engineering reasons for putting in a slightly larger module,
I would not be totally opposed. However, the current gnome-themes module
is pretty big, and it just seems to keep getting bigger. The default
icon theme is also huge and keeps growing, and it's rather annoying that
it takes almost as long to install a bunch of static files and merge all
the translations, as it does to build Evolution. But hopefully that will
also be solved for 2.10 a bit more, once I actually get off my ass and
write this e-mail to get standardized names for mime types in place, and
to get a standard for generic mime type names, and an implementation for
Gnome, in place. Having Industrial be a separate package also means that
releasing new versions for small fixes or such, doesn't depend on a
bunch of other people agreeing to make a new release, and then waiting
for them to do whatever needs to be done to actually get a release out,
or waiting for the maintainer of the meta-package to do a release. It
also means that people who want only Industrial, and not all of the a11y
themes, or all of the other themes too, can install it, and only it, so
they don't have to download a 30 MB tarball for a 1MB engine and some
related color schemes.

The idea of a gnome-themes-default module continues to seem more
appealing to me though, as well as moving all the a11y themes to
a gnome-themes-accessibility or something.

-- dobey

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 12:55 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hey dudes,
> I'd like to propose again that we shift to a slightly modified Industrial
> GTK+ and metacity theme for GNOME 2.10. Before this can happen, one of the
> following needs to happen:
>  * industrial moved to gnome-themes and actively maintained in gnome cvs
>    (preferably the more recent novell version, as the one in g-t-e is a bit
>    old and not the focus for active maintenance)
>  * industrial released as a separate tarball and actively maintained in cvs
>    (less optimal than above, because it would be nice to keep everything in
>    gnome-themes)
> It's not entirely clear who maintains or is responsible for Industrial, so
> we may just have to suffer with the version in g-t-e as a stop-gap. If
> anyone (a Novellian perhaps?) can help clear up the confusion, that will
> make it easier to actually make this change. :-)
> Thanks,
> - Jeff

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