Re: Proposing gnome-keyring-manager for GNOME 2.10

Il giorno gio, 02-12-2004 alle 12:40 +0100, Fernando Herrera ha scritto:
> 	Hello.
> 	I would like to propose gnome-keyring-manager for GNOME 2.10
> Desktop inclusion. It was proposed for GNOME 2.7:


BTW how many applications in GNOME Desktop currently use gnome-keyring
framework? A simple find+grep on my system said only gnome-session and
libgnomeui (used by Nautilus and the gnome-vfs file selector backend).

Why epiphany don't use gnome-keyring to store web passwords? Why
evolution don't use it for accounts passwords? Maybe gnome-system-tools
could ask to store SSH password for remote host to admin too? Maybe Gpdf
when opening a password protected PDF file?

> 	it includes a .glade file with a new main desing, showing the magic
> keyring-item-attributes ala gconf-editor way (3 panels).

Take a look at and/or for MacOSX solution.

Please note on first link the cooooool Password assistant "which gives
you tips on your password's strength". It should be a simple UI wrap to
pam_cracklib, but it's really cool and maybe useful in those security
oriented days.

PS Do we need a stok_key named icon in gnome-icon-theme ?

Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it>

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