Re: I need a copy of gnoetry (so I can train it on build logs)

Qua, 2004-12-01 às 20:31 -0500, Luis Villa escreveu:
> We have no bananas, or haiku, today.
> Culprits:
> * gcalctool: looks like a funky new en.po is unloved by something:
> * epiphany: automake 1.9? seriously?

>  like, weren't we trying to
> standardize on 1.8?

  Are we?  Any particular reason?  I don't see the difficulty of
installing another automake version.  Doesn't take much disk space.
Doesn't have impact on other modules using older automakes, since they
are using gnome-autogen to require a specific version.


Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
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