Re: I need a copy of gnoetry (so I can train it on build logs)

Hi Luis,
I don't know about the reasons/motivations of Epiphany, but I recently
updated gnome-themes-extras to use automake 1.9. The reason for this I
was told is that new versions of tar actually follows the spec for the
method that automake wants to use, which had the unfortunate side effect
of making 'make dist' impossible in g-t-e (due to the default method
only handling paths with less than 99 characters). I was then told by
the automake people that I needed automake 1.9.x to be able to tell tar
how to do it. Which is why I upgraded. I am guessing that maybe epiphany
might have the same issue I had with long paths, which is why they where
forced to go to automake 1.9 too.


On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 20:31 -0500, Luis Villa wrote:
> We have no bananas, or haiku, today.
> Culprits:
> * gcalctool: looks like a funky new en.po is unloved by something:
> * epiphany: automake 1.9? seriously? like, weren't we trying to
> standardize on 1.8?
> * nautilus-media- still an ongoing saga here ;)
> Love-
> Luis
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