Re: consolidation of network applet/services for gnome 2.10

On Sun, 2004-08-29 at 21:54 -0400, Ricardo Veguilla wrote:
> So, is there any interest from the maintainers/developers in combining
> efforts? 

I'd say so, the first step I'd suggest is documenting what the various
codebases do and how they work.

e.g. Carlos asked why not use g-s-t backend for NetworkManager, but I
think those codebases do different things. NetworkManager isn't supposed
to touch the system config files at all, and I think g-s-t is primarily
an editor for the system config files. This is the point I was trying to
get across back in the discussion about g-s-t, is that the approach
we're taking results in not really having a config file editor tool (or
config files, for that matter) at all. But I may well not understand
everything g-s-t backend does.

To make this more concrete, look at e.g.
NetworkManager/src/backends/NetworkManagerRedHat.c - there's nothing
here about the Red Hat conf file formats, reading or writing them.
Contrast with gnome-system-tools/backends/ (no idea if I'm
looking at the right thing here), which is all about the conf files.
August/msg00486.html is a pretty good overview of NetworkManager. 

A writeup on netapplet/netdaemon and how they work would be handy, I'm
not sure if it's more a g-s-t type of thing or more a NetworkManager
type of thing or a third approach.

Keep in mind that I'm not that well-informed overall on any of this, so
I may be wrong ;-) just giving my impression.


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