consolidation of network applet/services for gnome 2.10

DISCLAIMER: I don't know if its too early to start talking about the
next gnome release, so if that the case please ignore this email, I will
bring it up later.

Well, it seems like there are three different network applets in

Wireless applet (gnome-applets)
Network Monitor (gnome-netstatus) 

and three different network management solutions:

netdaemon (from netapplet)
gnome-system-tools network backend

Now, in the case of the network applets, I don't see any significant
reason for not combining them into one (or simply choosing one).

However, the network management situation its more complicated because
the three projects have different aims and use different approaches.
I think that the Gnome project will benefit from combining at least some
part of this projects. For example: one network management layer, which
could be used by different network configuration apps (one for the home
user, one for the sys admin, etc).  

So, is there any interest from the maintainers/developers in combining

Ricardo Veguilla <veguilla hpcf upr edu>

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