Re: new modules consensus

Mark, d-d-l,

I'll comment only on where I'm in disagreement with Mark, or where I
have something to add ;-)

Today at 15:06, Mark McLoughlin wrote:

>      Its clear there is yet no overwhelming consensus on whether or not 
>      we should include Evolution in GNOME 2.8. What I think is clear, 
>      though, is that there is a huge *desire* to include it - both from
>      the GNOME community and the Evolution team. I think we need to 
>      decide on whether 
>        a) whether any of the issues listed above absolutely need to 
>           resolved before inclusion, or 
>        b) whether we are confident that the Evolution team and the GNOME
>           community will resolve these issues post inclusion
>      If we decide (a), then we must hope that the people will continue 
>      to work hard to resolve the problems and at some point in the
>      future we'll be able include Evolution. If we decide (b), we then
>      hope that Evolution's inclusion will actually boost peoples desire
>      to resolve the problems rather than give people the impression that
>      no problems remain.
>      I vote (b)

We should also not forget that provided Evolution team doesn't
fulfill aforementioned goals to integration (switching over
Bugzilla's, resolving copyright issues, whatever else is there), we
*ARE* able to remove it from the future official Gnome D&DP releases, 
even if we include it now.

So, armed with that possibility as well, I can hardly see a reason
not to vote (b) myself now ;-)

> - gnome-system-tools
> ...
>     The consensus, then, would seem to be that we don't include g-s-t.

I remember similar conlusions being made in 2.4 and 2.6 time.  So,
I'd vote for including it NOW in 2.8, provided anything which is
still lacking is fixed post-inclusion (as in choice b. for evo ;-).


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