Re: problem with cvs fdo - modules not found

On 11/08/04 10:04, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:

for info - I worked out what the the problem was fdo cvs does not seem
to work by module name the same way as gnome eg:


rather than cvs co gstreamer, I have to do
cvs -d gstreamer gstreamer/gtreamer (to put it it the directory

ie: the module tends to be one level down

This is not true at all.  How are you checking out stuff ? Give us some
info to work with.
This sounds like he is using the wrong CVSROOT. I'd guess Mike is using ":pserver:anoncvs cvs freedesktop org:/cvs" instead of ":pserver:anoncvs cvs freedesktop org:/cvs/gstreamer".

While you can access the source code with either root, the second is better, since it means you are using the same path names as the developers (so it is a lot easier to switch a working copy over to an read/write CVS root if you ever become a developer).


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